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Cameo PCE versus Cameo non-PCE

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 23:09

The "Cameo" style King James Bible is a very easy to read typeface, and there are various options with just plain text and excellent quality binding.

The Cameo style is made by Cambridge University Press. It dates at least from the 1930s, and is still a very good style today. The layout (the plates) has been used for the printing of King James Bibles even to this day.

I have found that the “Cameo” style Bible as printed by Cambridge University Press (CUP), and by others, like the Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) and Bearing Precious Seed/Local Church Bible Publishers (BPS), may be a Pure Cambridge Editions (PCEs).

It appears that in the 1980s or later, two deliberate changes have been made in these printing plates, so that while later printings will appear identical, page for page, line for line, there will be a difference at Acts 11:12 and 1 John 5:8. Both of these places have “spirit” lower case in the good old PCE Cameos. But the new Cameos, probably with the same product codes, have unauthorisedly and silently altered and corrupted these two spots DELIBERATELY (an editor from CUP admitted as much), so that they have them with a capital “S” on Spirit.

The old Cameo (PCE) will be otherwise identical, page for page, to the very position on the page for every character. Any Bible that has this “Cameo” style might be a PCE, or otherwise would be a PCE, if only it matched at those two references.

There is a variety of bindings in this Cameo style, such as large print, or Morocco/French Morocco.

Because some of the old ones are still surviving around the place in warehouses, there is some change that some will be PCE even today as being yet available from the TBS or BPS (inquire concerning the two verses in question in #355, #380 or #180 from the Lansing group or affiliates).

In the following is the Cameo style, with the PCE. The non-PCE Cameo printings differ only at Acts 11:12 and 1 John 5:8, but otherwise are right.


The best thing to do is to ask the seller or publisher whether the Bible matches up and is PCE or not. You don't want to buy one and then find out that it is not PCE.
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