The very word order

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The very word order

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 23:11

Is the very structure of the sentence important? Can we have a perfect translation?

Dean Burgon wrote, “Rhythm, subtle associations of thought, proprieties of diction which are rather to be felt than analysed, — any of such causes may reasonably determine a Translator to reject ‘purpose,’ ‘journey,’ ‘think,’ ‘pain,’ ‘joy,’ — in favour of ‘intent,’ ‘travel,’ ‘suppose,’ ‘ache,’ ‘gladness.’

“But then it speedily becomes evident that, at the bottom of all this, there existed in the minds of the Revisionists of 1611 a profound (shall we not rather say a prophetic?) consciousness, that the fate of the English Language itself was bound up with the fate of their Translation. Hence their reluctance to incur the responsibility of tying themselves ‘to an uniformity of phrasing, or to an identity of words.’ We should be liable to censure (such is their plain avowal), ‘if we should say, as it were, unto certain words, Stand up higher, have a place in the Bible always; and to others of like quality, Get you hence, be banished for ever.’ But this, to say the least, is to introduce a distinct and a somewhat novel consideration.

“If would really seem as if the Revisionists of 1611 had considered it a graceful achievement to vary the English phrase even on occasions where a marked identity of expression characterises the original Greek. When we find them turning ‘goodly apparel,’ (in S. James ii. 2,) into ‘gay clothing,’ (in ver. 3,) — we can but conjecture that they conceived themselves at liberty to act exactly as S. James himself would (possibly) have acted had he been writing English.”

While truth or facts can be presented a variety of ways, and in a variety of languages, there must always be an absolute form of truth, which is a finite set of words which have particular meanings, placed in a particular order.

My view is that the King James Bible is this, and this makes it supersuccessionary to all other Bibles, as much as they are true, right and good. The KJB is always better, it is the best.

This means that I believe that the KJB is an exact translation into English. Even more, I believe that English was prepared for the Word of God, so that the exact Word would be able to be given in one book for the whole world in the latter days.

In whatever way "providence" is miraculous, for all the ordinary and natural events and nature of transmission, and scholarship to arrive at the King James Bible, as mundane as history might appear, it is in fact the outworking of God, according to His foreknowledge, and yielding what He has purposed.

Not only did the men of 1604-1611 reconstruct the exact text of Scripture, but the rendered it exactly from start to finish in another language.
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