Canon and version ideas linked

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Canon and version ideas linked

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 23:12

Some argue that the King James Bible cannot be right or God’s chosen Bible because it appeared hundreds of years after the time of the New Testament.
However, our “Canon” has similar factors to the King James Bible.

The Canon, which we must trace back to the earliest times, is not known to have been listed by years after the first Apostles. Likewise, the King James Bible readings can be traced back to the earliest times, even though it was not actually made in its extant form until 1611.

The Canon, which must have had wide acceptance in true Christian communities in the classical times is similar to the King James Bible, which not only has readings which may be traced back to those times, and in diverse places, but the King James Bible itself has been used widely, in many places around the world since 1611.

Just as the Canonical books were used in Christian worship and private devotion, so has the King James Bible been.
Thus, the Canon could be said to be a human phenomena, just as the King James Bible is, but in reality, such things show that God’s providence is at work through history, and that the Spirit of God did not cease activity at the death of St John.
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