Revelation 1:10 - Spirit or spirit?

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Revelation 1:10 - Spirit or spirit?

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 23:13

Revelation 1:10 – Spirit or spirit?

The use of the word “spirit” is distinct to “Spirit”. The “Spirit” means the Holy Ghost, but when “spirit” is used in relation to God, it might mean an affect or the nature of God’s working with man.

The question is asked concerning the phrase “in the spirit” or “in the Spirit” in Revelation.

Specifically, why does Revelation 1:10 have “Spirit” when other references have “spirit”?

This is easy to answer. Revelation 1:10 is talking about John being spiritual (i.e. praying in the Holy Ghost), whereas the other references are in a vision, literally, in the spirit realm. This is obvious from context.

What is not surprising is that foreign translations will get these types of distinctions wrong. Even many English Bibles get it wrong.

Now, another question is why does it have “spirit” in 1611 at Revelation 1:10? This is very likely a printing error, and it was already corrected to “Spirit” before 1637, presumably in or even before 1629.

Thus, it is important to preserve the distinction of “Spirit” and “spirit”.
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