Why we shouldn't go to the Greek now

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Why we shouldn't go to the Greek now

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 23:15

Why we shouldn't go to the Greek any more.

1. There are no original autographs available. Everything we have is copies. There is no logical reason why we should go to the Greek, especially since there has been so much traditional scholarly work to form a gathered English Bible which is witnessed to be better.

2. No single Greek copy is standard. Manuscripts vary and have minor errors. Each edition varies. Only the English Bible is fixed.

3. The meaning for Greek words vary. Some words are disputed in meaning, others are unknown, others have different meanings. Only the English gives the sense which is certain.

4. The people who talk about "the Greek" are appealing to an elite group of people and a system which is outside of the control of normal Christians. It is far better to trust God's people and for us to study in line with that.

5. Most people don't know Greek, but they do know English. Thus, the English is better for communication.

6. The OT in Greek is not the best translation. The OT in English is best.

7. Claims for the Greek now often involve pride and makes some people better than others. With the English Bible, everyone has access.

8. Many doctrines are changed, challenged or rejected by going to the Greek, instead of staying with the proper tradition as manifest in English.

9. With the Greek, people can make the Bible say what they want to by picking and choosing, playing word games and other deceptive arguments.

10. Going to the Greek bypasses any trust in the Holy Ghost. It is a slap in God’s face to act as if He has not got His Word to us in English already.

Why we should go to the King James Bible.

1. It is available right now.

2. It is the standard text.

3. It gives the full sense.

4. It is a common possession.

5. It is understandable.

6. It is the whole Bible, the entire Canon, with nothing mixed.

7. It requires humility, and is accessible to all.

8. It has correct doctrine.

9. It is a fixed set of words.

10. It is in line with the Spirit.
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