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The Heaven to Earth transfer

PostPosted: 27 May 2014, 17:55
by bibleprotector
1. The Scripture in Heaven, incorrupt, perfect and true.

2. Perfect textual inspiration. The autographs were word for word flawless.

3. Full textual preservation. In the sum of all copies, the exact text of inspiration was present in the world, despite the loss of the autographs.

4. Total textual recovery. Through the process of the Reformation, the exact text of the autographs was recovered and given in one Bible.

5. Infallible and inerrant inspiration. The Scripture in the autographs was entirely true.

6. Preservation of the exact sense. Proper meaning of the Scripture was available in the world, despite the limits of human knowledge, etc.

7. Complete sense translation. Through the process of the Reformation, the complete sense was given in one translation of the Bible.

8. Purification of the presentation of the King James Bible. The successive removal of printing errors, standardisation of the text and other regularisation purified the presentation of the English B Bible.

9. Conclusion at a final edition. The process of purification came to a finite perfect form.

10. Scrupulous exactness of typography. The exact jot and tittle of Scripture was presented in English.