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Three fake accusations

PostPosted: 28 May 2014, 03:31
by bibleprotector
Here are answers to three fake accusations made against KJBO.

The first one is that KJBOs believe that God promised to preserve His perfect Word, except that they do not believe it existed prior to 1611.

The answer is simple: God's perfect Word existed since inspiration. It was just that in 1611 we have it accessible in a single book, perfectly.

The second one is that KJBOs believe that every word in the KJB is right, except that it differs from edition to edition.

The refutation against this is clear: the KJB is a text and a translation, as such, it is perfect. The differences of editions in normal editions do not affect the KJB to make as if it is different versions or different translations between editions. (This applies to normal, proper, historical editions.) Furthermore, there is a standard edition.

The third one is that God inspired men to write in the original languages is perfect, except that KJBOs believe that where the KJ translation differs, reject the originals or original languages, and uphold the KJB.

This also may be answered very plainly. There is no perfect copy of the original autographs today, nor is there any promise or indication that God's real or perfect Word is in Greek today over and above other languages. Therefore, it is not "throwing out" the Greek, but rather, seeing that the KJB communicates exactly today what was communicated in Greek approx. 2000 years ago. The real issue is that the modern versionists throw out the KJB, and practically make the Greek say whatever they wish, and make subjective appeals to the Greek to just reject having a perfect, final standard in English.