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PCE Text vs. Oxford vs. Cambridge

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2017, 15:18
by ReverendNewman
I have a KJV Ryrie Study Bible and a KJV Henry Morris Study Bible. And, I just purchased a Holman KJV Study Bible in color. Now I kinda got caught up in the whole Oxford vs. Cambridge text debate. I looked up 26 different verses I found on the Internet to check which text they are. The whole "sin" vs. "Sins", "spirit" vs. Spirit" thing. Anyway, to my shock both Bibles (The Morris & Ryrie) were a 50/50 mix of what should have been either an Oxford text or a Cambridge text. In one Bible some words were of the Oxford text, while others were Cambridge. The "test" if u will, wasn't definitive. So what gives? Who knows? I suspect it may be because there is no copyright on the KJV and publishers can play foot loose and fancy free with the text and edit the way they seem fit? I have even emailed a few publishers and asked them are they using the 1769 Oxford Text or the 1783 Cambridge Text. The reply I got was, "We use the KJV." Duh, really. So buyer beware. I like the Holman thus far because that seems to be the closest to one text. I think a Pure Cambridge based on my "tests". The only thing is there are no subscripts at the end of the Pauline Letters like some Cambridge texts do. For the life of me, no one can seem to answer. Also, I have read that there are no PCE Texts currently in print. Just this night, I compared verses of my new Holman Color Study Bible from Genesis up to Joshua so far and it all matches the PCE Text, which I love the by the way. Can publishers be "stealing the PCE Text? Is it free to Print it? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: PCE Text vs. Oxford vs. Cambridge

PostPosted: 10 May 2018, 17:14
by Leesajohnson
It is good that you have read the bible in Oxford and Cambridge dictionary. There may be some words mismatch in both dictionaries but it is not a big confusion to readers.