"inquire" or "enquire"?

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"inquire" or "enquire"?

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 22:38

Should it be "inquire" or "enquire" (see Matthew 10:11 for example). And so, which Cambridge Edition is the right one?

Here is the explanation: Just read http://www.bibleprotector.com/purecambridgeedition and also look at other topics on this forum.

In 1769, an edit of the KJB was made, and because it was at Oxford, it said "enquire", not "inquire", because the "e" is the Oxford spelling.

Various editions, including American ones, followed the Oxford, and so Strong’s Concordance, I suppose the Riverside one (old) or the Thomas Nelson one (new) would have "enquire".

However, when Cambridge turned to the 1769 Edition in about 1835, they changed some things, such as having "inquire", in line with what is the normal spelling. This is because Oxford always had some differing spellings: Cambridge Bible editor David Norton wrote, "Unlike the first Cambridge KJB [i.e. the edition of 1629], the first Oxford Bible (1675) did little to the text other than employing idiosyncratic spelling which aroused some complaint: the new publisher thus failed to stake out new ground". (Norton, 2005, A Textual History, Cambridge, page 100).

Thus, the Cambridge Edition of the Victorian Era, the Pure Cambridge Edition from circa 1900 and some other editions printed "inquire", and that spelling is also used in some other unrelated editions too.

However, when the recent identification of changes in new editions of the King James Bibles started to come to light, perhaps in the 1980s in the writings of King James Bible defenders, while they took the Cambridge Edition to be standard, they did not, into the 1990s and beyond, realise that the Concord Cambridge was not the standard, but the edition which came before it, which is called the Pure Cambridge Edition.

The Concord Edition is of an unknown origin. Cambridge University Press do not know, but it appears to be very recent (1970s or 1980s). It is said to have been done in conjunction with an Oxford editor, and it has definitely incorporated some Oxford renderings into it. Thus, this Concord, which is currently being supplied by Cambridge, was unknowingly used as the edition from which a comparison could be made: when Nic Kizziah looked at the modernised "Cambridge Standard Text Edition", he compared it to what he thought was the normal Cambridge, a Concord Edition. And because the Concord has "enquire", that is why he stated that "inquire" was wrong, which is spelt that way in the modernised CSTE.

In reality, the Pure Cambridge Edition is correct, and the Concord contains impurities. The Concord is wrong with "enquire", because the PCE has "inquire".
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