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The English Bible-preaching Missionary Movement

Postby bibleprotector » 26 May 2014, 22:45

I would think that it was the historical case that major languages had good Bibles. But the following issues indicate that focus should now be otherwise, including that:
a. we are able to identify imperfections in the old good versions,
b. modern foreign versions have overtaken the field,
c. "imperfectionism" overshadows the field of translation, both modernist and TR/KJB (e.g. Gomez),
d. there is a lack of competency, time, money and resources to develop singular focus of foreign translations, especially to small dialect groups, and
e. there seems to be a lack of will or lethargy in general surrounding the whole attempt to keep the foreign translation movement afloat (God's providential use of the Laodicean spirit)

Now, the advantages of English teaching and the King James Bible are:
a. by learning and using English, natives are given personal and commercial advantage,
b. by having the King James Bible, they have the very source of authority itself in perfection (not requiring dependence of imperfect mediators to give them the Scripture),
c. by having access into the highest form of Christian knowledge, this aids and speeds true unity of Christians around the world, and
d. by possessing the truth itself, this cuts out massive areas of the false doctrine of modernism
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