Song of Sol. 6:12

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Song of Sol. 6:12

Postby bibleprotector » 27 May 2014, 17:59


First, this word has been treated with pronunciation marks by H. A. Redpath, and in every pronouncing edition, the word is represented with no compound hyphen, neither does it break at the end of a column at the improper place.

Second, in editions without pronunciation, it is only some which either represent the word with a compound hyphen, or break it at the end of a column at the improper place.

Third, while it is true that the Oxford Edition, the 1611 Edition and many others do indeed contain a compound hyphen or break the word at the end of a column at the improper place, they never break the similar word “Amminadab” at the same place, but at the hyphen points which Redpath uses for that word. For example, one particular Oxford edition breaks it at the end of a column “Ammin-adab” as such in Numbers 10:14. Therefore, the same pronunciation hyphenation that Redpath has provided for both “Amminadab” and “Amminadib” are in fact correct, and show that is clearly incorrect to place either a compound word hyphen, or to use an end of column hyphen after the letter “i”.

Fourth, it defies the common sense pronunciation of that word to place the hyphen at the wrong place.

See Repath's work (an Oxford Edition): ... 6/mode/2up
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