2014 Holman KJV Study Bible: it's a....

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2014 Holman KJV Study Bible: it's a....

Postby Brethren » 02 Oct 2016, 09:04

Hello brothers & sisters in Christ, I've good news to share with ye all.

After checking this bible with 12 point PCE test I can happily confirm that it's a PCE!

Here's the ISBN: 9781586409258. It's a two tone (dark umber/sienna) LeatherTouch which contains 2,304 pages. It's printed in China.

I bought it for only $14.98 (including s/h), "NEW" as advertised by the seller. Got it today and it looks 98% NEW.

(I'm sure that you may wonder where did I get one at low price... and please be mindful with compassion of
our other brothers and sisters in Christ who are on low income be able to afford this one: https://www.gettextbooks.com/
and type in its ISBN.)

I'm aware of the man-written footnotes but it also has 141 photos, 59 maps and more...

Here's the link with information → http://www2.bhpublishinggroup.com/books/products.asp?p=9781586409258
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Re: 2014 Holman KJV Study Bible: it's a....

Postby ReverendNewman » 25 Dec 2017, 20:15

I just purchased a KJV Holman's Study Bible also. And have compared hundreds of verses with the PCE Text on thus site and has passed. Title pages, Original translators preface, punctuation, all solid. The only thing is it doesn't have is the Pauline Letters subscipts. So I don't know if the purist would call this a true PCE Text. But everything else of spot on. I'm so excited to have this version. It's so clean. My other KJV Bibles, don't even agree with each other. I'm hoping Matthew chimes in.
trained band
trained band
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Re: 2014 Holman KJV Study Bible: it's a....

Postby bibleprotector » 26 Dec 2017, 19:45

That's great about Holman. I am happy that Church Bible Publishers is printing the PCE.
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